Since 2006 I have designed and art directed the annual danish media award Rambuk for Huset Markedsføring.

This is a showcase of the presentation we did in 2011

The handmade giveaways in original white:

Give Away CD’s for my new release

Catalogue for TOKYO JANE, jewellery FALL/WINTER 2011/12 Collection.
Art Director


Trailer for Film Festival in Barcelona June 2011.
Directed by Anders Bigum. Music by Martin Behrndt. Performed by Maria F Scaroni

Performed by Maria F Scaroni
Music by Martin Behrndt
Video by Anders Bigum
Thanks to Catching Fire studios

TOKYO JANE catalogue Spring/Summer 2011
art direction and layout


Film for music
shot in one take during a very humid July night in Berlin 2010

This film was shot in one take from my balcony in Fuldastrasse at 3 AM on an extremely hot and humid July night. No colourgrading, no editing.

This film contains following tracks:

On the radio
The rain falls (on a humdrum town)
Lady of Sorrow
Breaking morning curfew in a crashed car
At the birthday party
Elliott girl is running

This is the first chapter of three ep’s that will be released in 2011 based upon
‘Rant’, the awaiting true love, polaroid pictures and the multi-coloured parallel worlds.

I strongly suggest you listen to it late at night and by yourself.

Stay light and bright and colourful

Martin Bernt